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MyBank Payments (OBeP)

MyBank Payments (OBeP)

Safe online payments
Pay immediately by credit transfer
straight from your account

MyBank Mandates SEPA

MyBank Mandates

No more paper
Sign online mandates and
pay by direct debit

MyBank Identify Verification

MyBank Identity Verification

Trusted Identity
Use your bank to facilitate
online identity verification
and digitally stipulate contracts


  • No registration - No new password
  • Familiar online banking experience
  • One single brand for all Europe
  • Also suitable for high value transactions


  • Strong authentication
  • Sensitive data remains with your bank
  • Controlled access to your account
  • No sharing of credentials


  • Irrevocable online credit transfers
  • Real-time confirmation by banks
  • Mandates validated by the debtor bank
  • Easy reconciliation and refund process
Clean Code

For Consumers

Access your money for online payments where you trust keeping it:
in your own secure bank account.

Your sensitive data and digital identity is protected by your bank.

No new registrations. No new accounts or pre-paid cards. No new passwords. You just use your online bank account anywhere, on any device, all across Europe.

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For Businesses

Increase your online business by offering confidentiality and a seamless payment experience to your customers across Europe.

Secure payments and refunds through SEPA credit transfers and direct debits. Made available to millions of online and mobile banking customers in Europe.

Customer authentication through banking security minimises risk of fraud and facilitates digital customer relationships.

More Features

For Banks and Payment Service Providers

You are a bank, a service provider or a payment service provider and you want to offer MyBank to your customers?

Please contact us for more information.

When shopping or paying online or setting up an online mandate you will find MyBank on the checkout page. You simply click on the MyBank button, enter the name of your bank, and you are then redirected to your familiar online banking.

You log on to your bank with your usual online banking credentials. The data are prefilled on your screen and you just have to confirm the payment or mandate creation. You will then return to the web shop.
As a user you need to do nothing.
If your bank participates in MyBank, you can use it – no sign up needed!

Please type the name of your bank here below:

This means that your bank does not yet provide MyBank services.
If you would like to be able to use MyBank, please fill in the form and we will contact your bank.
You can use MyBank Payment with merchants and public administrations that display the MyBank logo.
Any questions you have regarding the payment should be addressed to your bank or payment service provider.

Questions regarding your purchase order should be addressed to the merchant.
As an online business you should refer to your payment service provider or acquiring bank.

Please contact us for more information.

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